The verification and Documentation includes Preauth, Reimbursement, Critical Illness claims. The past records stands as an evident of the team performing with an average of 90 percent Turn Around Time, 12 to 24 hours in case of preauth and 8 days in case of reimbursement / Personal Accident cases and 45-50 percent Hit rate. A complete 360 degree verification with appropriate documentation is our key strength apart from our massive presence in the entire South of India


All reimbursement cases are investigated and closed in a turn around time of 7 to 10 days. The reimbursement investigation includes member verification, hospital documentations, Family doctor and Treating doctor verifications, Pathology lab verifications, Pharmacy verifications, Employment verifications if applicable , Vicinity survey and past hospitalization documentations if any. The success rates are maintained between 45% to 65% in reimbursement cases with a TAT of 75% to 90%.

Health Claims Verification

Personal Accident Verification

Motor Accident Claims

Life Insurance Claims

Loss of Job Verification

Product that includes cashless verification in Network hospitals and Reimbursement verification for all category of hospitals in a given period of time.

Verification and Documentation of a Comprehensive benefit product including both individual and corporate policies in a Turn Around Time of 10 days...

Unfiled verification of Motor accident claims including Motor personal Accident, Third-party accident claims in a Turn Around Time of 21 days.

Includes Pre-claim verification and documentation apart from investigating all Life insurance Claims in the mentioned vast territory without any exclusion of reach .

An elite process of verification including the profile and the professional status of an individual in relation to his employment.

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